Oh, no, Stella!

Life is hard. Poetry, photography, and sarcasm are my defense mechanisms of choice.

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Project 365, Photo 205 on Flickr.

I cleaned up my makeup case.

Project 365, Photo 199 on Flickr.

Colin, giving me the stink eye.

Project 365, Photo 135 on Flickr.

Adipex, Ambien, and Alice in Wonderland jewelry.

Project 365, Photo 133 on Flickr.

Water tower in Ireland… Ireland, Indiana.

Project 365, Photo 113 on Flickr.


Project 365, Photo 112 on Flickr.

A Hipstamatic photo of an old print of Rasool at Bullock Overlook, Kingdom Come Park, Harlan County, Kentucky.

Project 365, Photo 96 on Flickr.

Watchmen Silk Spectre action figure, taken with Instagram.

Project 365, Photo 10 on Flickr.

The display on my exercise bike. I find that watching tv while riding makes the time go by a bit faster, so that it doesn’t seem like a year instead of just thirty minutes, but that doesn’t stop me from looking at the display constantly. I’m a neurotic creature.